About Cameron

Hi my name is Cameron Thompson, thanks for stopping by. I am online business specialist on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. This blog is where I like to share my thinking about how concepts in business, marketing, social enterprise, development, sustainability, theology and life all intersect and relate to one another.

Things I’m working on right now:

A bit of background on me

Business and Marketing

I have had an entrepreneurial bent for a long time. I think my first business partnership was walking local dogs with a friend, but I have been involved with much more complex ventures since then. My most recent company was an online marketing consulting firm, from which I have developed and project managed the development of dozens of websites, search engine and social media marketing campaigns.

I am always learning more about “what really works?” when it comes to online marketing, and applying these learnings to client’s businesses, in the constantly shifting environment of online marketing and social media.

I am currently available for business and online marketing coaching and consultation.